Garden of Marys

Northern Ohio

I was driving to Columbus OH from Conneaut Lake one August and took some back roads.  I wish I could remember how I came to be on the other side of this outdoor statuary which was for sale.  Perhaps a stop at a gas station.  You might remember the story of how I retrieved a Mary statue standing out on the curb in our neighborhood.  It just didn’t seem right for the trash. Then a nice woman who was doing some gardening for me, took the Mary statue home to her house to paint her since she was so weathered.  The master gardener also a puppeteer had the urge to restore her since she was so beat up looking.  Turns out she was plastic and hard to paint but she is in my side garden now, looking bright and renewed.  I actually hope she weathers a bit.  I did call her Our Lady of the Weeds but my sister is here and made the side garden really lovely so I will have to rename her.  I am intrigued by private grottos and garden statuary.  You may remember Mary in the Springtime or Mary in the Snow. Sometimes the placement of Mary statues in Pittsburgh is a real juxtaposition. Stuck in odd spots.  No matter where I see the Mary statues, they look peaceful to me.


8 thoughts on “Garden of Marys

  1. That is a lot of Mary’s – but I fully agree with you, seeing a statue (or two, or five, or twent-three…) always makes me feel more peaceful. Case in point: When my eyes first landed on your picture of the multiple Mary’s, my mind went, “aaahhhh….”, and my shoulders relaxed a bit.

    She’s a cool lady. 🙂

  2. I love the way the animals in the front left (dogs, maybe a sheep?) are all looking so attentively at the Marys.
    As if waiting for something . . .

  3. Wonderful photo! It reminds me of attending Sunday Mass. The beautiful religious statues in front of a devoted congregation. In your photo, the congregation happens to contain some very attentive pets though (lower left). Maybe they are Seeing Eye dogs.

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