Places to Get Food- #3 in a Series- Gridiron Grill

Heinz Field- Pittsburgh PA.

Photographed at the Kenny Chesney concert a few years ago.  A friend of Mark’s gave us tickets to go and it was really an all day affair.  We took the boat across the Allegheny River to the Stadium.  I will admit at the time I did not even know who Kenny Chesney was or any of the songs he sang.  I know, I know, hard to believe but true.  It was amazing to watch the concert goers stand, sway and sing at the top of their lungs to every song he sang. There were a ton of warm up bands and Kenny arrived when it was getting dark and what an entrance. They knew them all.  Every word!

So all this talk of football season and this photo came to mind and I am starting to wonder if I have posted it already cause I like the patient standing formation of the people waiting to get their hotdogs. And the cowboy hats in our city for the evening!

11 thoughts on “Places to Get Food- #3 in a Series- Gridiron Grill

  1. It’s great that you were offered the opportunity to take a step back, out of the picture, so to speak, to get such a unique perspective of the crowd. I like this photo, a lot!

  2. I listen to a lot of country music so I know who Kenny Chesney is. I think that I, too, could sing most of the words to his songs, at least I do in the car! Seeing that long line reminds me that now that I have the time to stand in those long lines, I don’t have the money to buy the food!!

  3. The bird’s perspective really makes this picture stand out. This along with the contrast between the hats and top of people waiting in line; and the darker ground. Even though people seem to stand still, there is such a dynamic movement over the crowd in the picture. And then a tension between them and the warmth of the inside of the snack bar. Very well done.

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