Anna and Her Best Friend

Anna is eight years old today.  I remember going to the hospital in the dark, and then watching the sunrise over the Monongahela River from the window.  Then I went to school after she as born and everyone was so happy for our family. It was a happy day. Here is a portrait of her with Murphy the Airedale when she was one.  It hangs in her bedroom.

And a recent photograph of Anna and Murphy….

  The artist of the painting , Alison Zapata,  is a new mother herself and paints wonderful pet portraits. Her website is here

17 thoughts on “Anna and Her Best Friend

  1. I remember the day you came into school and told us. She was beautiful then and she is beautiful now. (The dog’s good looking too.)

  2. Loved the portrait and the artitst’s site. How we love to celebrate out pets! Your last photo, with a “much older” (LOL) Anna peering over her dog’s shoulder is mesmerizing. It’s a gorgeous picture of a pretty young girl.

  3. I love seeing Murphy taller than Anna in photo #1, and then the reverse in photo#2. Wouldn’t it be great if dogs could speak about children starting out little and then growing taller then they are. 🙂 In the hug, Anna and Murphy are the same height!!! 🙂 Happy Birthdy Anna!
    Ruth, you called me and left a message on my Machine when Anna was born …. I think I took it down and mailed a copy to you – or called it back to you??? You were so happy and excited!!!! Happy Anna’s Birthday to you, Ruth!!!

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