Firefighter Takes a Moment to Pose

Mark and Erika were cleaning out the garage on Sunday afternoon. Anna was helping. Maura napping. When you start a major project like that it’s difficult to stop. You don’t want to lose momentum! It’d be tough to get back to the task. They were readying the space for pulling the cars in as the frost is coming.  BUT- Michael and Jack really wanted to go to the Fire Department Day.  I was packed and ready to head back to Pittsburgh- E asked if I could take the boys to the Fire House.  An unexpected good time to share!  I drove the boys to see the fire trucks and I am so glad we went.  We saw them burn and extinguish two rooms, one without a sprinkler system and one with. Yikes!  Will post the one without the sprinklers as it is more dramatic. Michael, Jack and I had a great time together. They climbed into all the emergency vehicles and ate popcorn and there were free balloons.  I  love when they read all the car logos in the parking lot.

Spectators at the Firehouse Demonstration

9 thoughts on “Firefighter Takes a Moment to Pose

  1. They will remember that afternoon with you always Ruthe. Boy are they adorable. Fireman’s not bad either.

  2. What a great day for those two! (Well, for you, too. 🙂 ) Get into the trucks, pose with a fireman, AND get popcorn & balloons!?!?! It doesn’t get much better.

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