Little People®- 3 Generations

I never played with Fisher-Price Little People® as a child but I used to love to play with the FP garage with Mark in 1977. I can still hear that ding as he would crank the elevator.    The wooden figure on the left is from the 70’s and belonged to my DIL. The one on the right is 2011.  No one is going to choke on that girl!.  Was in the basement playing with the grandchildren and saw these three figures in a bin.  Stood them up on top of the toy shelf. Just a compare and contrast photo. With the good old iPhone.  By the way I was at the Apple store and it was hopping, people outside in a queue with precious tickets to get a new iPhone. Just crazy.  And I am not going to write about my excessive data and computer crash and some loss of photographs.  Instead I will shoot more and be grateful I have the weddings I need to work -safe on the original cards, Phew. Trying to keep what is important in perspective. So you lose about 16,000 images? The backup on the external hard-drive did not do what it was supposed to do. It is not bad news from a doctor. I am sure there are many of you who can relate to loss of data.  Or the simple playing with little toy figurines and using one’s imagination.

I like the personality of the old wooden one on the left.

20 thoughts on “Little People®- 3 Generations

  1. The girl on the left is my favorite, too, Ruth. The two older ones remind me of our children’s Fisher Price days. 🙂 We had a garage, too, and it was lots of fun!

    So sorry about your loss of data; it is sad that so much of your beautiful work is unrecoverable. You seem to have the right attitude about it, though, and have been able to keep your perspective on things. I know you will have lots of great photos to share in the future, and I hope you’ll never lose any more. SUREly thankful you didn’t lose the wedding photos.

  2. This reminds me of the anthropological poster depicting the evolutionary path of Man. I love my Apple products but you’ll never catch me in line waiting to purchase one on its launch date, bless their hearts.

    • Having to meet with a Genius in the middle of mayhem is not the best timing! Witnessing the crowd was amazing, though. Too distraught to capture the scene in an image.

    • In this case I am not sure if the new one has evolved for the better!! And you are right about staying out of Apple stores on the first day. What a circus.

  3. Ruth, My mom still has a bunch of our Fisher Price wooden dolls. The one on the left is a child and the one on the right is a mom. We even have the beds, chairs and tables that went with the whole set. My niece Juliet particularly likes the baby of the family. And for some reason we have a lot of the baby gear too. The baby has a stroller, a crib, a changing table and a playpen.
    So so so sorry to hear that you lost your photo collection. That is always my fear of keeping them on a computer and not printing as many as I used to. After your experience I may do a little extra back up. Have a great weekend.

  4. I remember that garage too, I had it at my Grammie’s….I loved cranking the elevator and then DING!…I think it was my Dad’s from when he was a kid…I wonder if my Aunt Jan kept it…I am off on a search! Thanks for the memories once again Ruth!

  5. Ah, I was wondering why that got so big. Makes sense. Ours were probably most like the ones in the middle. But we may have had some of the wooden ones.

    • I am with you on that for sure! They just don’t make them like they used to. Do I sound like an old grandma or what? YUP.

  6. Okay we are so in my territory. The wooden blonde hair girl was Penny, she dated the wooden red figured boy with the cowboy hat named John Thomas ( at least in my basement playground those were their names). Figure in the middle would be mother Betty, and as far as the current lil’ person girly chick. No way. She is a wanna be, and falling short. How exactly is she going to fit in any of the acessories with those feet? She does not earn the lil’ people award in my book. She can’t ride the bus, because she can’t sit down! No one thought of these things???
    I can’t count the hours, weeks… summers we spent in Pat Dooty’s basement in a world of little people. I only pray children have a chance to play like that agian.
    Ruth, I too will not discuss the loss of data, I will relish in the thought is was not a loss of you, so I will be blessed with the beauty of more photos to come.

    • Love your response. Are you still in touch with Pat Dooty? I think the new little people are unappealing. But no one chokes on them these days.
      Did you ever have the black and white dog?
      Glad to hear from you and appreciate your comment about MORE photos to come!! Stay tuned.

  7. Reading this late…… no experience of little people ….. or loosing 16,000 photos or 16,000 anything —-actually may have lost enough pounds over the years that it would add up to 16,000 if I had done the addition 🙂 🙂

  8. Data loss makes my stomach sink. Yes, there are certainly worse things that can happen – and your perspective is wonderful! – but it still stinks. (I’d use a stronger word, but this is a friendly blog…)

    On the flip side, I adored plating with my Little People when I was a kid. We had a few of the first gen folks, but also had quite a few of the second gen, too.

  9. So sorry for the loss of your pics. I agree that the modern one is not an improvement – too many accessories! I remember the wooden ones – they resonate with me. I didn’t have my own house or garage – I think we were in Italy when I would have been the right age, but I loved playing with the ones that belonged to my friends. Especially the farm!

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