Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Last week’s challenge.  I think the idea of the weekly challenge is to  accomplish it in the week it is presented.  I am LATE.

Comfort is so individual.   It came to mind when I got home from school today and wanted to make comfort food for supper.  Pulled out the lone can of Campbell’s tomato soup from the pantry shelf and added a can of milk.  Stirred it with a whisk over the gas flame.  Yes, I know it has too much sugar and salt in it. Some taste of childhood perhaps speaks to me.  I put shreds of extra sharp cheddar in the bottom of the bowl and pour the hot soup on top.  Not to mention the grilled cheese sandwich to accompany it, grilled in the cast iron skillet.  A slice of cheddar and a slice of swiss.  Pepperidge Farm White Bread. We are talking comfort here.  And it was that loaf that inspired the menu too. (thanks Steve for that)    Or maybe the upcoming field trip to the Warhol museum with the eighth graders this Thursday brought the can of soup to mind!  Oh, the school day disappeared in the warmth of the soup, the melted gooey cheese with the toasty grilled buttery bread.  Life is good.  One fast shot with the trusty iPhone (Old model, no line for me) before savoring the simple comfort on a chilly autumn afternoon. And J remember the woman who used to come and help you in Kentucky and you’d make her a grilled cheese for lunch and she’d ask you to “burn it a little!”.  She came to mind as I tried to NOT burn the bread.  Dessert was a Farmer’s Market new apple, sliced and cored and three gingersnaps. What is your comfort food?

Grilled cheese sandwich and cream of tomato soup right out of the can!

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

  1. I would have to say my comfort food is a tuna melt. Easy, tasty, fast and a bit sloppy. Ruth E, I still think you should go into food photography.

  2. Ruth – a great photo of one of the all-time best comfort foods. I also like anything that includes mashed potatoes. I do remember my housekeeper in Kentucky, sitting at the table while I would serve her a mid-day meal. One day she brought a pound of bacon with her and said she thought she’d have some for lunch. She proceeded to fry up and eat the entire pound …. and that was her meal! J

  3. My mother used to serve it deconstructed, called “cheese on toast in tomato soup”. I just loved it, although I’m not opposed to already made.
    Thanks for a great pic and a great memory.

  4. My grandsons wanted almost nothing else but tomato soup and grilled cheese. They liked the sandwiches cut into pieces and they dipped them into the soup. Yum. I use an electric grill and Wood Street Bakery’s French bread and the crispy edges are wonderful! Grandchildren allow you to indulge in these comfort foods quite often.

  5. Yes, the soup and sandwich are timeless but, to be honest, my eyes are drawn to the potholders. How many rainy Saturdays and Sundays did we sit weaving those things? And unless you set ’em on fire or the dog got ’em, they lasted forever. Great photo, Ruth.

  6. This is absolutely a favorite meal from childhood. Growing up, my comfort food used to be a scoop of Kraft macaroni and cheese, with a grilled hamburger (no bun) and ketchup for dunking. My adult stomach now churns at the thought – but back then, it was heaven.

  7. Great photo! I used to make Campbell’s tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich for my youngest daughter all the time. She fixes it herself now, but it’s still great comfort food!

  8. Hold the grilled cheese.
    Campbell’s Tomato Soup (too much sugar? salt? Bite your tongue, woman!),
    heated up, and served with a pat of butter melting in the bowl —
    That’s it.
    For seven decades now, it’s a keeper. 🙂

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