Bicycle Heaven Shop and Museum

Kurt and Craig in Bicycle Heaven.

People at work.  What an amazing place.  A field trip for photo class Wednesday night.  Craig and Kurt were most hospitable.  And you never saw so many bicycles in your life. Steamers for handlebars, baskets, reflectors, headlamps, tires, gears, seats. You name it. Anything and EVERYTHING for a bicycle. Whatever you want? It is there! Craig has been collecting bikes for 30 years and just put this place together in the last three months.  WOW is all we could say.  Holy Bikes! The four bikes on the wall are Bowden Spacelander bikes made of fiberglass designed in 1948. There are very few in the world and here were FOUR together !!!

38 thoughts on “Bicycle Heaven Shop and Museum

  1. Enjoyed the link for the Bowden Spacelander. I wonder how people managed a heavier bike like that? Fascinating.


  2. I love the second-from-the-last picture. Anything in repetition is both fascinating and soothing to me. (I love assembly lines.) 🙂


  3. Oh I love bikes!!!! I enjoyed your pictures, Ruth! I am now missing my favorite bike, which I left in Riyadh. When I moved to another country, I forgot about it (it was parked in the basement) and left it. I called a friend to take the bike from that house, but he was not able to do so, and so the new owner of the house was lucky to have my bike. Hahaha… some story 🙂


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