16 thoughts on “Feller’s Garage Castle Shannon PA

  1. Memories of a bygone day when the mechanic knew your name and you had great personal service…and the car was fixed the first time at a reasonable price. I bet Mr. Feller was a good mechanic.

  2. Boy, this photo sure does evoke some strong memories — even smells. There was a scent to the old garages that you won’t find anywhere else. Good thing, too!

  3. Great photo! Next to our board of education office is Thacker’s Garage – looks very similar – not quite as run down! He takes care of our districts buses – all six of them! We’re a very small district! But this is a piece of America that is slowly but surely going by the wayside.

  4. I wish this Garage could be brought back to life lovingly and Uncle Frank’s truck / car? parked in front!!!

  5. We have buildings like this around the city. I frequently wonder about them: what were they like ‘back in the day’? Who worked/played/lived there? Change, change, change.

  6. As of today, Feller’s garage is still there, I’m a local of Bethel Park, right down the street of Feller’s and pass it all the time. Thought the construction cones around the building are worrisome.

  7. Anybody on here born in the 40’s that remembers this garage? Or remember Chuck Feller?

  8. The patriarch, Al Feller was my great-uncle, my paternal grandmother’s brother. His sons are/were Jim, Bob, and Chuck. My father worked there back in the 1940s, when he was a teenager!

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