13 thoughts on “Not Sure How Long it is….

  1. Probably a lot of people feel as if this is their address right now — a hard road in life for many. I tried to think of some significance for “no trucks allowed” on Hard Road, but it’s too late at night and my brain is too tired. You come up with the most interesting pictures! And what’s very meaningful, I think, is that so many are from everyday life. If we keep our eyes open, these sights are all around us. We can either be bored with life — or we can spot these interesting little things and share them with others! =)

    • Thanks for stopping by and writing your insightful comment on where many feel they live right now. Maybe the sign isn’t as humorous as it first seemed to me.

    • I like your thinking John. Next time I will have to turn onto Hard Rd and explore. Looking for Easy Street sounds good to me.

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