Superman Contemplates the Jump

The fire alarm went off at church. Too much incense.  Had to evacuate the building. Here is Jack on the fence outside the parish hall where they were getting ready for the All Saints parade for the children.  He switched into his St. John costume complete with eagle.

Anyway, I sewed this Superman cape about 28 years ago for Jack’s Uncle Matthew.  Now Jack(4)  wants to wear it constantly.  Last night I had to sew some repairs. He was so happy that it could be fixed.

Last Christmas time he was into Spiderman and you might have seen Jack on his Uncle Matthew. If not, click here.  Matthew comes in from Croatia pretty soon for Laura’s wedding.  I hope he doesn’t find I gave his old Superman cape to his nephew.

13 thoughts on “Superman Contemplates the Jump

  1. It looks a lot higher from this angle. I love it when treasured items become treasured the second time around!

  2. Hey! no problem! It’s SUPERMAN! Matthew can don his Cape, scoop up Jack … and they’re OFF!!! 🙂
    Adorable story and photo!!!

  3. I’m amazed you saved it so long and curious to know what else you have squirreled away 🙂

    I’m glad that it is being appreciated again, but I’m sure the cape is absolutely thrilled to be resurrected and truly enjoying its second life 🙂

  4. superman is the srongest superhero of all time,he is no match ..even for hulk ..he is just one of my favorite hero …. u can check my blog as well for the new comic release…i have tons of collection 😀

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