Olga Melynchek Muraska’s Nut Horn Recipe Baked by her Daughter

My cell rang as I was in the check out at Giant Eagle. I was buying cheese and crackers and Clementines for the Photography Class reception that started in a little over an hour. Marianne said that she was baking her mother’s recipe for nut horns right then if I wanted to photograph them.  She had made the dough the night before and refrigerated it.

I looked at the time. It was 4:44.

I was in the South Side but figured I could drive to the West End and then make it to the North Side for the last class/reception.

Make the dough the night before and refrigerate
Confectioner's sugar!

When I got there she had three pans of the cookies in different stages, just like a cooking show.

I started shooting to tell the story of the making of her mother’s recipe.  I was amazed to find out that is confectioner’s sugar on the board where she rolls them out.  Not flour!

The recipe says Nut Crescents but Olga always called them Nut Horns.

Marianne gave me a half dozen in a ziploc bag. Delicious.  Remembering Christmases past.

Here is the recipe.

Remembering Olga link.

25 thoughts on “Olga Melynchek Muraska’s Nut Horn Recipe Baked by her Daughter

  1. Marianne, Thank you so very much for sharing. I think of your Mom often along with all the other Picnic ladies. Tonette

  2. So glad you made the effort to get there. Your blog has stimulated many wonderful memories.

  3. This is almost like a movie! I wish I had one of those nut horns now!!! They look fantastic!

  4. Will try these. Looks like a “grandma’s” recipe for sure. Wonder if the younger generation appreciates the love that goes into the time consuming efforts of baking an old fashion recip like this?

  5. Such a wonderful post, Ruth! And those cookies got my attention when I saw the walnut paste filling. These heirloom recipes are the best and thanks for sharing this one.

  6. If the theme of the week is “Seasonal,” please use this photo essay!!!! Wonderful! xoxoox

  7. Love these photos. They remind me of the times, long ago, when my family used to get together in December and make Christmas candies. The Nut Crescents (or Nut Horns) look delicious!

  8. You have brought back yet another memory from my youth…and a wonderful taste from the past. The aunts and my grandma in McKeesport made these each Christmas. They were so delicious! I especially liked the photo with the remembrance candle. How very sweet.

  9. What a beautiful gift you have given me today, by honoring my mom once again in your blog! At 5:30AM I emailed your link to my family members, colleagues and friends! I received an overwhelming number of responses (some even replied to you). It is one of the traditions I have kept when mom could not bake and now that she is gone it is one that I will continue in her honor. Thank you my friend, for being by my side!

  10. Ruth, Seriously enjoyed perfectly documented nut horn saga. Recipe and methodology similar, but not identical. I think my mother’s recipe was from early TV cooking show Kay’s Kitchen? Should have tasted one! Mary Anne

  11. OMG, Marianne – I cannot think of a more awsome and touching way to honor your Mom than to carry on and share a little piece of her. I just know she’s so proud, she’s busting her buttons! Love you!

  12. Thank you for sharing this today Ruth. I appreciate the pictures and will be using them as a guide. 🙂

  13. Ooh, do those look delicious!
    And how you present the recipe is delightful. Really clever idea, that actually works! Beautiful.
    And a happy New Year to you and yours —-

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