Vanessa’s Party Shoe Presses the Piano Pedal Plus Nina’s High Heel, Too

Young and trendy.  Stylish and chic.  These fancy shoes separate the youthful fashionable and the older woman’s footwear.   I wore brown clogs. Quite a different look!

It was a good party. The live music made it great. The singing, the piano playing. The friends. The snow was falling as the night wore on.  We’d seen a bad pileup on Bigelow Boulevard and the exit ramp due to black ice on our way to the party. Wondered if we should turn around and go home and avoid the first treacherous driving of the season.

But we were almost there so went forward with the evening’s plans-

the weather discussion goes on forever around these parts and it is usually not good

……Vanessa said she is 5’1″ and that these shoes are really comfortable.  I had to ask.  I was fascinated with the glamorous high heel.

I can’t even imagine.  She seemed to maneuver perfectly. Vanessa and Nina sang and Luke played the piano and sang, too.  He can transpose into any key.  Incredibly talented young man looking at colleges now.

I had asked to blog the women and they agreed but didn’t get permission to show Luke on the blog.   Nina has a website here.   I’ll email and ask so it may be up with the three of them.

Vanessa sitting down and Nina standing

18 thoughts on “Vanessa’s Party Shoe Presses the Piano Pedal Plus Nina’s High Heel, Too

  1. Beautiful shoes! Maybe I should try them. I would definitely fit into my family better.

  2. Sounds like it was fun and fancy! Love the title of the post. Makes the season even brighter : )

  3. The contrast of trendy and classic (i.e., the platform pump and the piano pedal) are wonderful. You really have an eye for capturing contrasts!

  4. Pretty shoes! Good luck finding dress shoes that are lower than these ones around here. My daughter is petite as well and loves the height she gets when wearing them. Me… I love ballet flats:)

  5. and when the theme-of-the-week is LEGS ….. you’ve got your photos!!!! LOved both of them!!!

  6. what a warm, enjoyable post. i can’t imagine wearing the shoes, i am more into clogs myself, too 🙂
    and your title sounds like verse 13 of the 12 days of christmas 🙂
    hope you have a wonderful christmas. sending you tidings of comfort (or not, depending on how high your heels are) and joy! 🙂

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am glad to meet with your blog. These shoes are amazing… you captured such a nice photograph… Thank you, with my love, nia

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