Weekly Photo Challenge: Self-Portrait

Along the Monongahela River by late afternoon light and at night on the way home from the Waterfront in Homestead. Two of my favorite  views, anytime of day or night!

I had the cardboard “me” in the car already.  We make people out of brown corrugated boxes. I always make myself as a model for the students, this year with gray yarn hair!

Some of you know I teach Art in the City K-8th grade.  Not too many people get to make themselves out of scrap cardboard at their job.  The “Flat Ruthie” (have you ever seen Flat Stanley?I photographed him for granddaughter Anna’s school project) was driving around with me cause I was thinking it might make a fun Christmas card, myself and the skyline or something.

In 2009 I was in a self-portrait show at Silver Eye Center of Photography.  I can’t tell you how many images I shot of myself in my kitchen, trying to look young and thin.  Figured I could achieve both effects with myself as a cardboard puppet. No wrinkles on the smooth cardboard.

Along Beechwood Boulevard looking to Homestead

46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Self-Portrait

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  3. I can not believe you have a day and night view. This is hillarious, creative and great. I can only imagine people driving past you seeing the TWO of you in the front seats of your car. Thank you for this joyful image this morning.

  4. Beautiful by day, but by night (with the hair over the eye casting a shadow thing go’in on) . . . sexy Ruthie comes out!

  5. What creativity. I bet the students love to go to art class! And to think you even incorporated a reading theme into it…love it! Is Flat Ruthie traveling any where like Flat Stanley?

    • Maybe I can mail Flat Ruthie to you and you can photograph me visiting the mountain view??
      thanks for the nice Christmas card.

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  7. this is hilarious – and brilliant!
    it reminds me of ‘Flat Stanley’, a school project of the daughter of one of my co-workers who was asked to send a small cut-out, named Flat Stanley, to a friend or relative in another country, and have pictures taken of him. As I was just about to go on a trip to Germany, I took him along, and he appears in many unique places. That was before I had a digital camera, so none I can post online. But such fun.
    You could do a series with this from time to time. In the winter, next to a snowman, or in the car, or in the playground on a swing, or in grocery store, or….
    Anyhow, I really enjoyed this post. thanks for sharing!

    • Someone asked where I would like to be mailed to. I just might do it and have people photograph “me” visiting.
      What do you think?
      Thanks for the nice comment. That was a fun post.

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  11. Terrific! It’s equally good finding this at the end of the day! Love the photo backgrounds, too! XOXOXO

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