New Year’s Eve @ Columbus Zoo Lights

Available light photography at night is my challenge.  I find it fun but not always easy.  The one  family shot I lit the family with the flashlight app from the iPhone so I could get some light on their faces.  It was chilly but not bitter. We saw a rhinoceros, the tiger pacing, a sleeping polar bear but mostly it was the colored lights on every tree and branch,  some reflected in a pool of water.  My son Mark and his wife Erika, the four grandchildren(Anna, Michael, Jack and Maura), my DIL’s cousin Shannon who is like a sister to her  and her daughter Parker were all willing to stand still in the lights as I tried to focus quickly.  We had a lot of fun.  

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25 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve @ Columbus Zoo Lights

  1. These photos are beautiful. Love the way you caught and directed the light. Colors are really pretty expecially the ones with blured depth of field. Looks like you had a great new years.

    • Thanks Francine. Wishing you a wonderful year of blogging in 2012. You wouldn’t have gotten any animal shots tonight at the zoo! Thanks for taking time to look and write a nice comment on the blog today.

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR Ruthie Wonderful photos What fun the McGrath’s have creating lifetime memories of special times together. Those are four very lucky children. I love you

  3. Looking forward to 2012 to see what you and your lens will capture always a joy to my day! H.N.Y.!!!

  4. What a fun time! Our Lincoln Park Zoo, also, does the “light thing,” as well as a “Carol to the Animals” night. The little ones love it! Here’s wishing you every success and happiness in 2012, Ruth, for you and your family!

    • THanks for always leaving a thoughtful comment and I appreciate your good wishes. I am grateful for such a faithful reader and astute commenter, John. Looking forward to reading your blog n the New Year! Now to head home and return to work. The hard part!

  5. Happy New Year to the Hendricks – McGrath – Payer – Weaver clans!!!! Erika and Shannon look like sisters, twins, even! Not identical twins, but the other kind. 🙂 🙂

  6. The beautiful images reminds me why I celebrate New Year with full force and optimism. Everything in this post I hope for myself and for anyone. I hope for a family that is surrounded by joy and peace, of genuine smiles that reflects affection , of company that builds, of a world where children are safe and truly happy. Happy New Year to you and your family. May this year be a year of joy, peace, love and all forms of beautiful blessings for all of us.

  7. Happy New Year to you and your family Ruth. Looking forward to the love and pictures you will share with us all in 2012

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