Midas Light on Pittsburgh’s Casino

I’ve never been inside. So much controversy about this place when it was to be built. I remember that.

Not into gambling. It would pain me to lose money I’d worked for. But when I was up on Mount Washington I saw this light on the casino, surrounded by a total gray scene and it struck me as worth capturing.

18 thoughts on “Midas Light on Pittsburgh’s Casino

    • Thanks John. That is exactly how it felt- and it is a gift. People can manipulate in photoshop but I like to catch it “as it is”.

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  1. Oh wow, the casino almost seems to be a beacon amid the drab. Interesting…

    I do like to gamble (mostly blackjack, some craps when I’m in Vegas) – but I look at it as entertainment, like I’m actively spending my money the way someone else would to enjoy a movie or dinner. I don’t expect to win big when I play – but it is nice when it happens! (Occasionally.) šŸ˜‰

  2. I believe this may be the first photo I’ve ever seen of the bridges across the Ohio – not as beautiful a view as the bridges across the Mon and the Allegheny, but interesting to see downriver!! xoxox OH. Early this week, lots of news about the possiblility/ push to put gambling on-line [only a matter of time!]- so soon one will have a choice between going to a casino or gambling in one’s PJs šŸ™‚

  3. That is an amazing photo of casino. I also got one of the bridge over Ohio and I was surprised at the traffic jam…almost looked like a DC shot during daily rush hour. Not what I remember of Pgh.

  4. Never been there either, but I just learned they do have free breakfast for seniors on Tuesdays. Loved your photo!

  5. Wow, nice photo but the building sure stands out! Definitely new since I was last there. Isn’t that where the Carnegie Science Center is?

  6. What’s that old saying… all that glitters ain’t gold. Except if it is one of your pictures. Always perfect. Great shot Ruth. I’m telling you no one can photograph Pittsburgh like you.

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