Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

Hope (noun) A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

I took this photograph three days before Jack was born.  He’ll be five in March.  With gracious permission from my DIL to post this photograph of her expecting.  One time I showed photographs of her first pregnancy in a Black and White film class I took at Filmmakers and the teacher chided me for showing such a private image. They were quite beautiful. I thought the image embodied the first definition of hope.

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50 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

  1. Ruth, looking at this photograph – wonderful, beautiful, lovely – words I don’t want to use if only because they are sometimes too easy to use but meaningful nevertheless, all of which describe this shot. But I am shocked / surprised at your teacher’s reaction. You are so right about the hope in these moments, the expectation, the unknown, the agony and so much ecstasy – the feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. It is called life and it is all to be hoped for. You are all so lucky to have each other!

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  3. Out of all the “Hope” pictures I have seen so far, yours sure is one of my favourites. A very nice perspective…

  4. Children are a gift to us to love and cherish. When we learn we will be granted this gift we are full of hope and joy at the miracle of giving birth. This is something that should be a source of celebration not hidden. Your photo captures it all. HOPE, LOVE, CELEBRATION. Thank you for listening to your inner voice and sharing this with us.

  5. Yes – that is a perfect picture of hope. I am on to “hope – the next generation. Hooray!

  6. I’m pleased that you asked for permission to share; and delighted that your DIL granted it. What a truly beautiful image.

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  8. Really amazing. Thank you for posting this. Your photography is really evocative. So this was black and white film, not digital, correct? I think I love black and white more than color (although I do love color!), but I find that black and white from film has a different quality, a different depth to it, almost a silvery look that I can’t seem to get with digital. If I could ever figure out how to make my digital B&W look like my film, I’d be a happy girl.

      • Thanks for the reply, and the very detailed comment on my page! I appreciate you taking the time to explain how you got such a great tonal quality to your B&W. I guess I need to keep working at it! 🙂 Thanks again!

  9. Ruth I am giving you the CANDLE LIGHT AWARD because as a blogger you light up everyones world who view your pages. You do it with excellance, encouragement , and humor. I try not to miss a day where I don’t check to see what you have posted for any given day. I am both blessed and encouraged by your blog.

    Be Encouraged! Be Blessed!

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  11. It’s lovely – the wee girl, the smile on the mom’s face – yes, it’s “private”…but she obvoiusly gave you permission, so…don’t know what the teacher’s problem was. lovely.

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    • Aww thanks for your good words. Our whole family loves it and my DIL was fine with my sharing. Thanks for looking and writing.

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