My Sister Gave Me This As a Joke But it Adds to the Kitchen Decor

I recently did a photographic session of a Jell-o salad mold.

No kidding.

I don’t think I have a future in food photography and come to think of it, there isn’ t anything of food value in Jell-o.  It was a challenge and I will post the results of that after the photograph is made public at a charity auction.

But I looked up as I sat at the kitchen table and chuckled when I saw The Jell-o Cookbook there on the shelf.  I reciprocated and sent her the Heinz Ketchup Cookbook.  I am sure she hasn’t made anything out of that cookbook either.


Laura gave me the RECIPES notebook and it is filled with clippings and family favorites

9 thoughts on “My Sister Gave Me This As a Joke But it Adds to the Kitchen Decor

  1. Nothing like sitting down with a hot cup of coffee and going through old recipes. The memories of days gone by with loved ones and family times are priceless…whether you bake something or not. I frequently find Mary thumbing through them and telling the stories how her grandmother did this or her mother did that. Even the Jello cookbook brings back great memories for you and puts a smile on your face. You always amaze me how you “make” something so simple so thought provoking.

  2. Oh, I don’t know, Ruth. Do you really think there’s any value in collecting or sharing family recipes? Oh, well, I do love the idea of you 2 Sisters trading “unusual” cookbooks. Mom and her Sister, my Zia, had similar exchanges.

  3. My daughter Anna gave her brother a Meatballs Cookbook for Xmas. Now, how many ways can one cook meatballs? JB

  4. From what I hear, food photography is difficult! I’m interested to see the Jello pic; I imagine a round, green, jiggly creature with canned diced pears floating amid the inside…

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