Happy Groundhog’s Day as One Blog Leaks into Another

We haven’t really had a winter yet so at dawn, if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, it won’t be surprising to hear there’ll be 6 more weeks of winter.  I heard that Punxsutawney schools are closed on February 2nd for Groundhog’s Day.   It’s a great holiday to celebrate.  No gifts.   Thursday night I will serve Groundhog Chicken from the NYTimes, late 1980’s recipe which is browned chicken in orange sauce with ginger, cinnamon, Tabasco and slivered almonds served with CousCous and some garlic green beans. I  own cooky cutters in the shapes of Groundhogs, a large and a small, but did not make time to roll dough and cut out cookies to bake.

If you want to watch the Groundhog News or see the Live Webcast, click HERE  and if I get a chance I will update what the furry prognosticator declares.    UPDATE    at 7:20 AM Phil the Groundhog saw his shadow.  Six more weeks of winter!!

There is such a wonderful Chicago tour written by Chicago John  on the Cardboardmetravels blog that I am not going to bump it off the other blog with today’s groundhog photo. You have read many of his comments on my blog and you may have clicked on his link from the Bartolini Kitchens to read his stories of childhood memory and the preparation of heirloom Italian recipes.

In 1990,  three years before Groudhog Day (Bill Murray movie) hit the theaters and everyone had heard about Phil the Groundhog in Punxsutawney, my sister flew out from NYC to Pittsburgh.  In the middle of a foggy night, we drove to Punxsutawney for the event.  Mary wrote postcards and mailed them so they would have the February 2nd postmark from Punxsutawney.  We had a fun day although it was freezing in the woods and all felt a bit strange. You’ve seen Nativity scenes and Santa in yards at Christmas?  Well, the residents have GROUNDHOGS on their lawns.  Big wooden cutout groundhogs.  We experienced the occasion and I guess it could have been something on a bucket list if we had one. Visit Gobbler’s Knob at least once in your life!

So a single post for Groundhog’s Day and here is my Groundhog Folkmanis Puppet  holding the original Flat Ruthie  in the backyard after school and I will take some license and say he is looking for his shadow? Only problem is the time of day.

Not screaming like Fay Wray did with King Kong

18 thoughts on “Happy Groundhog’s Day as One Blog Leaks into Another

  1. If you go to Punxsutawney stop at the tea shop next to the Chamber of Commerce for a light lunch and dessert. Yum!
    We visited Phil and his lady friend September, 2011. They have a lovely sun room annex with 3 glass walls attached to the children’s section of the local library. Curled together – you could not see where one tail ended and the other began. Our trip to Gobbler’s Knob- a few miles from town -revealed an official viewing platform and a few new bleachers.

  2. Flat Ruthie looks very comfortable. What? More winter? We just colerate these 60 degree days down here in Florida.

  3. I remember when you would make your groundhog chicken recipe, Ruth. And you also made a two layer cake, frosted in white. You would perch one of your groundhog cookies on top, and if Phil saw his shadow you would then ice a shadow in chocolate on the cake! The recipe and illustration are in our Fort Knox cookbook! That was the year a bunch of us had to place an order for the groundhog-shaped cookie cutters and I still have mine.

  4. Today’s photo cracked me up, Ruth! Too funny. Thank you for mentioning my blog and my Flat Ruthie experience. Would that all house guests were so easy to please! I never heard so much as a peep out of her. 🙂

  5. Loved Flat Ruthie’s version of Faye Ray! Gave me a good laugh! AND I learned about Weirton Willie which I will pass along to my relatives up near Punxy, Pa.

  6. I adore Folkmanis puppets! I still have mine from when I was little – yes, they’re a little worse for the wear, but they’re still recogizable and all in one piece! And love your Fay Wray line! I wrote (on my new blog) about the idea of a skunk instead of a groundhog as the weather predictor…somehow not nearly as appealing.

  7. What a perfect photo for today! (And I love your caption of it.) 🙂 If this is a winter that requires 6 more weeks, I’ll happily take it! (Beats last year’s completely brutal winter.,for sure!)

  8. so fun. ground hog day gets a short blip in the news each year, but it’s not such a big thing.
    but this is one great post. thanks for sharing 🙂

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