Basketball Fans Reflection in a Glossy Gym Floor

Our friends’ son is a basketball coach for a local high school team and we were invited to see them win the last game of the season last night.  I was shooting with a 70-200 lens and not moving around much but as I sat there this reflection caught my eye. At the half I switched sides for a different view from the fans’ perspective but I was glad I’d captured this reflection earlier.

These fans were enthusiastic and moved around a lot but at this moment they were all still.



14 thoughts on “Basketball Fans Reflection in a Glossy Gym Floor

  1. So many fabulous parts to this shot Ruth. Difficult to believe from this that the fans moved around as much as I am sure they did, but those feet are all so perfectly still, and in focus! The reflection is stunning. Good to hear your team won!

  2. fabulous! It’s the “footwear” that catches my eye!!!! And one leg / shoe in the middle! Reminds me ofone of those former Benetton ads, about diversity! 🙂

      • It may have “just happened”, but your eye caught it (and was then able to capture it). Many people likely didn’t even notice it – the awareness and recognition is where the talent comes in. 🙂

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