We Were Going to Use It

We were going to use it

IMG_6772Waiting for garbage day pick-up.

Do you know someone who purchased exercise equipment and regretted it later?

Or joined a gym and after an initial effort, quit going BUT  failed to resign so paid a monthly fee for years?  Hmmmmmmm





Basketball Fans Reflection in a Glossy Gym Floor

Our friends’ son is a basketball coach for a local high school team and we were invited to see them win the last game of the season last night.  I was shooting with a 70-200 lens and not moving around much but as I sat there this reflection caught my eye. At the half I switched sides for a different view from the fans’ perspective but I was glad I’d captured this reflection earlier.

These fans were enthusiastic and moved around a lot but at this moment they were all still.



School Locker Room- Writing Assignment Prompt?

If you were to study this photo, write down everything that came to mind, a list of words, classmates remembered turning their back to undress for gym?  Perhaps the  the start of a poem/short story. We used to polish KEDS. try to not let the white rub off onto the marroon gymsuit, which had to be inspected for the ironing, the embroidered name above the left pocket. Like the military.  Girls danced the Mexican Hat Dance to scratchy records, and square dancing,too. We actually marched around in formations on rainy days.

Tiles echo the metal lockers' noise.  The smell.
Tiles echo the metal lockers' noise. The smell.