Fountains at the Carnegie and a Sad Sign at Kiva Han Coffee Shop

I love to go to the Museum at night. It was just getting dark when I arrived and you can see the progression by the fountain photos I shot with the iPhone.

The Carnegie Museum of Art has free admission on Thursday nights for February and March. When I entered,the gift shop was still open so I bought a book for school.  I had received an email that photographer Dawoud Bey  would lecture (free) and show his work Thursday night. I am so glad I went to hear him and look forward to seeing his show- I was sorry I didn’t get to meet him but he was mobbed by people getting him to sign his book. I would have told him how I’ve photographed my students but can’t show them outside the school.  His portraits were excellent!

 Silver Eye Center for Photography has an exhibition –

Class Pictures: Photographs by Dawoud Bey until March 10th.

The Fountains When I Arrived
The Fountains When I Left


After fifteen years.....

Kiva Han is closed now.  Forever.  Here is the article telling what happened 🙁  A franchise is coming in, The Bagel Factory.  Bummer.

9 thoughts on “Fountains at the Carnegie and a Sad Sign at Kiva Han Coffee Shop

  1. I’m surprised to see civic fountains in operation this time of year. That’s just not going to happen in these parts. 🙂 Kiva’s closing make me realize that I should make a point of going to my old coffee shop more frequently. I’d hate to find them shuttered one day.

  2. Love the series of photos. Thanks for the heads up about museum free on Thursdays. Will surely visit in March. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I hope you found some inspiration at your museum gallery showing! So sorry to hear about Kiva.. we have a few mom and pop places left but they sure have to keep “reinventing” themselves to stay in the game. I try to support them as much as I can so they stay in business!

  4. I love fountains, especially intriguing ones like the ones you captured.

    Sad about the local business. I read the article you linked to; they seem like they were a good deal. 🙁

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