How Do You Feel About Eels?

My mother never cooked one.  (she was from Durand, Illinois.)

I can’t remember ever tasting one. An unsophisticated palate or a cultural deficiency?

But I’ve been pondering eels for three days now-and all the people in my life have been talking about food and diets a lot. No one mentioned eels.

I was driving along in the car, listening to the radio and the voice of author, James Prosek, was talking eels and the fascinating book he’s written about them. I mean, this guy knows EVERYTHING about eels.

And I got to thinking how I feel about eels. The eating of them. When you’re driving a couple of hours, you think about all kinds of things. You’ve got time. And as I said it’s three days later and I am still pondering eels?

Now eels, their habits and lives aren’t something I’ve thought much about until I heard him interviewed.  I found a link for Vintage Recipes for eel and the title Collared Eel isn’t  something I’ve heard come up on anyone’s food blog recently.  Maybe eel is part of  your Christmas Eve dinner? Lots of Pittsburghers are talking about eating more fish cause it’s Lent. I’m thinking they’re referring to Fish Sandwiches, not eels.

Here is a photo I shot at the Zagreb Fish Market when I was visiting a few years ago. Some eels.

How do you feel about eels?

Here’s the book title

Eels: An Exploration, from New Zealand to the Sargasso, of the World’s Most Mysterious Fish
By James Prosek check out his website for more information on his art and writing.


See an EEL restaurant at a fellow blogger’s post here

Zagreb Fish Market

21 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About Eels?

  1. I cannot believe you’re posting about eels! I was at a fishmonger last Friday inquiring about them. If he gets any, it’s usually in December. He certainly didn’t have them when I was there last December. In any event, you’ll know I found them when you see the recipe posted. Thanks for providing the links! 🙂

    • I like to change it up, John. Sesame Street cupcakes yesterday, eels today. You’ve got me wondering about eels in the frozen food section.
      Looking forward to your eel recipe post, whenever that may be!

  2. While camping on the island of Cres we catch at least one sea-eal every year. He kills it (horror!), I cook it, and it makes an amazing brodetto! It’s one of the tastiest fish I’ve ever tried. We also tried grilling it, that was less succesful; not recommendable at all. In the Netherlands it’s traditional to buy them smoked, supertasty too! Those are of a whole different league than the monster we catch ourselves from teh Croatian sea, but I’m definitely a fan of eels!

  3. I had the same reaction looking at those eels as I did when I went to my first pig roast. I looked at that pig on a spit and said, “No way! No how!” Then an army of men surrounded the pig with knives and sliced it . Oui la — roasted pork! I stood holding a platter as they filled it with meat. Once it looked like pork I got brave enough to taste it. It ws delicious! The tastiest pork I ever ate. So, maybe if the eel was presented in a more familiar looking form, I would be brave enough to try it. Never say never.

  4. eel …. one of those delicious 3-letter-words so necessary for Cross-Word Puzzles: and I wish I could think of even ONE of the endless variety of clues Will Shortz comes up with for “eel.” !!!!

  5. Growing up on an island, I find eels to be really cool! Though, I must admit, even though I’m a fairly adventurous eater, I’m not sure that I could ever eat one. I love to watch them, though!

  6. We had eel as a starter at a fancy restaurant in Veere in the Southern part of the Netherlands. Grace Kelly supposedly ate there. The eel dish wasn’t bad – just like a type of fish. The whole meal was a bit much for my sister’s husband, but the rest of us really enjoyed trying everything. The harbor town of Veere is quite beautiful! You don’t have to eat the eel!

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