300-500 Pounds of Potatoes on a Weekend Day – Station Street Hot Dogs and Union Pig and Chicken

Another post for indulge perhaps-

Saturday Steve and I ventured to the “new” hot dog shop just a mile from the house. It had been empty and abandoned for the longest time. The shop was built in the 60’s and the tile inside is almost Harvest Gold, Avocado Green  and Burnt Orange. Saturday it was sparkling clean. Chef Kevin Sousa has opened not one, not two, but THREE new places to eat in the neighborhood! A trifecta, all winners for sure.

  You can read about them in the review right here

Station Street offers French Fries fried in DUCK FAT.  Wash it all down with a  Mexican Coca-Cola (with cane sugar).  We had the New York Dog with sauerkraut and grainy mustard and shared an order of fries.The hot dog had a good flavor and a nice bite to the casing. The music playing was the Temptations and you felt like you were in another decade but with new and fresh food.

See the countertop with the talking hot dogs. Even the rest rooms have a hot dog on the door who look like they can walk and talk.

 I drove by Union Pig and Chicken the other night on the way home and took a shot from the car but have to try the food. They just opened up for business. The menu looks inviting so watch for a post in the near future highlighting the fare.  And number three is Salt of the Earth which has an incredible menu on their link.

Count the baskets of French Fries ready to fry!

You can read a review here

10 thoughts on “300-500 Pounds of Potatoes on a Weekend Day – Station Street Hot Dogs and Union Pig and Chicken

  1. No, they may not be worthy of a Michelin star but, I have to admit, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as a good hot dog. How lucky to have such a great place within a mile of your home. I’d quickly become known as a regular, no doubt about it!

  2. Love hot dogs. My summer every day food. Have to try them out. Your photo of the hot dog and fries makes me want one or two right now. Great photos.


  3. Oh my goodness, such colourful hot dogs. How rich were the french fries, what with being fried in the duck fat? Absolutely love the shadow and the glow of the Union Pig and Chicken shot which wraps itself so well around that corner.

  4. Love any kind of hot dog especially a Chicago hot dog. The photo would make anyone crave a good dog and fries.

  5. I think I might be willing to go off my Eat Right diet for one of those hot dogs and a Mexican coke!

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