Yikes- You’ve Got to Pull Over, Get Out of Your Car and Shoot It!

In the distance you can see the Cathedral of Learning at Pitt.

The sparkly Christmas Tree caught my eye . St Patricks’s preparation?

And as I returned to my car, I saw the sidewalk/stairs in the shade.

20 thoughts on “Yikes- You’ve Got to Pull Over, Get Out of Your Car and Shoot It!

  1. Whoever thought to put up that tree is deserving of some sort of civic award. Just think of all the smiles it’s generated since it was put there.

  2. Oh how well I know this feeling. Stopping has its rewards, when you are able to capture these amazing photos.


  3. First photo: 6 foot tree! Second: maybe not 🙂 ….. Third: small adorable tree from Xmas to St Pat’s!
    Love the color of the fence it’s on, too!

  4. Ruth,

    Driving and photographing, not an easy thing to do. Giving oneself permission to stop and make photographs can be a struggle. During the run up to the Montreal Olympics Henri Cartier-Bresson was asked to photograph the city for an exhibition to run during the games. His solution was to hire a car and driver to take him around the city. He would jump out at moments notice and make a photograph.

  5. Dear Ruth, you are so nice Thank you for visiting my blog. I have just visited your other website, what a beautiful photographer you are. Especially I loved your animals and kids photographs. Your photography made me excited, how beautiful to see the world from a beautiful eye of camera. Thank you, with my love, nia

  6. I take pictures out of the car window, but the reflection screws them up. My husband would never pull over for me to take a picture and he is the one who is always driving. If I am driving, I will pull over, but that is rare.

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