21 thoughts on “They Sat on a Davenport

  1. I agree with both comments above. Lovely photograph of a lovely couple. You look a lot like your mother and had to look up the word antimacassars. Love the post.

  2. Really is a nice pic Ruth. Why is it, do you think that when we look at the old photos of our family, they always look ‘old’ or ‘older’. In this case I would suspect your Mum is probably not 30 and Pops is probably not 40. Yet they look ‘mature and sensible’ . I have one of my Mum and Dad with me in my Mum’s arms, I am 2, therefore my Mum could only be 22, yet she looks 42!
    Will my children look back at me and Ondrea and our 1960’s clothes and my long hair and say similar things I wonder?



  3. Happy Mother’s Day! You bake and take the cake!!! 🙂 And you had a wonderful role model!!! LOVE, E

  4. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY RUTHIE Fabulous photo of two incredibly special people who so deeply cherished you. My heart is filled with beautiful memories. I love you

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