What’s in a Name?

We were at the neighbors’ farm in Hardy, VA this past weekend.  They graciously allowed the grandchildren to pet the baby pig and the baby turkeys.

Anna asked what the pig’s name was-  “Doesn’t have one.”

The baby mini-mules and their miniature horses don’t have to worry but then again, they have NAMES!

Bob the Mule.  Heart the Horse.

The egg-layers are spared.

Oh yes, they have a couple of ducks.  And their names?      Christmas and New Years.

The second image? Those are a couple of (seven pounds apiece) pork butts that Pap smoked for the Paleo crowd.  The veg branch of the family didn’t come this past weekend.             I don’t think the meat had names.

11 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Fantastic shots… So, I’ve slowly made my way up and down the alphabet and I am now on – R – Yippee! Since the goal is to catch up and get current, I Like my way through many weeks of posts. TY for your patience! 🙂

  2. Kids and animals always steal the show!! So cute! Unless the viewer is really hungry – then the photo of the pig’s cooked cousins could be the favorite!

  3. Stacy had baby animals at her 5th birthday party…the little black piggies’ name was Olive

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