Rusty the Long Hair Dachshund Chases a Spot of Light

While in the middle of a friend’s photo shoot of vintage clothing, her mother’s long haired dachshund started following my watch reflection and chased it all around.  I’ve never seen a dog exhibit this behavior.  Trying to capture it was spontaneous and difficult as the watch was on my left wrist and the camera in my right hand.  No chance to focus. It was just happening. Stop action seemed the best way to try and show the motion. Min Pin Tigger makes a cameo appearance.Wish I had a real video to show it better.

8 thoughts on “Rusty the Long Hair Dachshund Chases a Spot of Light

  1. You never know how a dog is going to react to something like that. He could just as easily have run from it, barking all the way, or, laid down and fallen asleep. I like this guy’s response the best. Too cute!

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