Rusty the Long Hair Dachshund Chases a Spot of Light

While in the middle of a friend’s photo shoot of vintage clothing, her mother’s long haired dachshund started following my watch reflection and chased it all around.  I’ve never seen a dog exhibit this behavior.  Trying to capture it was spontaneous and difficult as the watch was on my left wrist and the camera in my right hand.  No chance to focus. It was just happening. Stop action seemed the best way to try and show the motion. Min Pin Tigger makes a cameo appearance.Wish I had a real video to show it better.

Eager Dog Trumps Rushing Creek

Went to the Dog Park in Fox Chapel with my friend and her two dogs. After school staff meeting so it was getting late. The Spring forward a good thing now.  We went to see the swollen creek cutting a new path through the woods. Lots of downed trees. I think about what photo to post and have an idea. But it’s like a chef going to market with a plan and getting there, finding different ingredients available, changing the entire menu. The sound of the water was peaceful and the light through the trees lovely but watching Tigger so eager to cross the road to get to the Dog Park reminded me of a small child racing to the last swing on the playground, walking upright on two legs, so human.

Min Pin Dog Running on Hind Legs like a circus dog
So excited to get to the dog park, he starts walking across road on his hind legs at a fast pace.