Six Months After the Wedding

I couldn’t be the mother-of-the-bride AND the wedding photographer last November and their photographer did a fine job but I wanted to photograph the bride and groom myself.

Laura and James agreed to let me shoot some “wedding” pictures on another occasion. Not exactly a Trash the Dress shoot. James knew some good spots to go to in the city.  When he asked me I said I wanted the mood to be urban sophisticated.

Turns out it is almost 6 months later.  It was not stressful or pressured and we had a relaxing time together.  Even returned to the field as the sun started to set to get a different light, something not possible on a wedding day when everyone at the reception is waiting for the bridal party.

Costco white roses for 16.99 with some white floral tape and ribbon and a floral pin from JoAnn’s another ten dollars but the flowers added to the shoot. I had a boutonnière for James and promptly cut the flower head right off as I tried to pin it into his lapel.  So much for props..

People called Congratulations and honked their horns, cheered them on and told them they looked nice. Laura said if you want to feel good about yourself, put on a wedding gown and walk down the city street.   I asked them what was the best part about being married.  And I asked them what is the worst part of being married.  Their answers were forthright, frank and touched my heart.

Afterwards we ate at Giorgio’s in Clintonville.  They changed before we went.

Laura said, “I like a little direction” so I said Jump on three. One, two, THREE.
I had to ask what the name of the river is. Scioto.

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29 thoughts on “Six Months After the Wedding

  1. BEAUTIFUL! You did an excellent job. Urban Sophisticated is a great title. You can feel the love coming out of the photos. Thanks for sharing,


  2. Wonderful locations- great idea. I could not pick a favorite as there are so many wonderful shots.

  3. Before I read your direction to ‘jump’, I thought – ‘they look like they are floating on air’.

  4. It looks like they had a lot of fun – and how lucky are they to get TWO sets of wedding photos?! 😉

    I love Laura’s line, “if you want to feel good about yourself, put on a wedding gown and walk down the city street.” But it probably helps if there is a second person walking along side you. 😉

    I’d be curious to hear their responses to your best/worst question…

    • Thanks Stef. It was fun.
      I didn’t write their responses as I felt their candid remarks all over the internet wasn’t what they were thinking when they shared with me.
      I can tell you I got a tear in my eye and a catch in my throat. And that is because I was moved.

      If I weren’t in the middle of photographing them, I probably would not have asked them those questions.

      • I respect that you respect their privacy. 🙂 They sound like insightful, thoughtful, caring people. (Of course they are; they are related to you!) 🙂

  5. Great idea!! So much fun! Love the jumping, the hair blowing staight up, the other amorous couple, everything!! Especially like the happy and loving faces of the couple. Can’t believe it’s been six months since that lovely wedding!!! Happiness always to them!!!

  6. Your Daughter is a beautiful bride, Ruth, and your photographs are very nicely done. The settings, poses, even the more “candid” shots were all perfectly shot. And although I hadn’t thought about it before, since you’ve suggested it, I guess I need to find a wedding gown and go walking around The Loop.

    • Thanks John. “perfectly shot” is high praise to a photographer. WOW!
      Give me 24 hours notice and I will head out to Chicago to photograph your walking around the Loop!
      I bet a lot of horns would be honking and we’d generate quite a stir!

  7. What a lovely idea.. I think everyone would wander in their wedding gowns if they realized this! Your daughter is gorgeous and new son-in-law so handsome.. wish them well for me!!

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