Butter- Salted or Un

A variety of butter in the Dairy Case of the Clintonville Community Market in Clintonville Ohio. (walking distance from Laura and James’ home)

Minerva Dairy Amish Butter is on the right and Hartzler Family Dairy butter  ( from Wooster, OH) on the left.

Just last Thursday I ate dinner at a friend’s and she told me that someone told her, “Butter is love.”

A year ago this month the butter sculptor and “butter cow lady” from Iowa, Norma Lyon, passed away and her obituary is in the New York Times.

The butter in this photo was captured in early April. When we lived in Germany the commissary sold Danish butter and I see my family buying Irish butter these days.

What’s your favorite butter?

11 thoughts on “Butter- Salted or Un

  1. When I’m bored to death in the middle of Winter, I like to make my own butter. Some I’ll salt and the rest, for baking, I’ll leave unsalted.
    I just re-read this, checking for typos. I need a hobby.

  2. Unsalted. You should’ve seen Katherine’s face when I brought home salted recently, because Kroger didn’t have unsalted. She asked for a time machine so she could go back and change our prenup. OK, that’s a lie. We don’t have a prenup. She asked for a time machine to go back and write one.

  3. Our favorite is the kind we make at home. Super easy–get heavy cream, throw it in a glass jar with a marble, and swish it around. When the chunks form, pour off the “buttermilk” (save it for baking) and then “wash” the butter by rinsing it with water (to get the buttermilk out) and smushing it with a couple flat wooden spoons or spatulas until the water runs as clear as you can make it. Salt it or leave as-is. It’s delightful!

  4. Yum! in a food group all it’s own!!! 🙂 The Irish butter they sell at Whole Foods, or give out with the multi-grain bagel at Starbucks is delicious!! XOXOX

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