Water Tower Message Completed

It was a wonderful milestone birthday celebration and there are photos of sparklers and candles and fireworks seen from the backyard. They are still in the camera.

The cake Laura baked, Erika’s garden eggplant, Mark grilling shrimp, the kids enjoying Grandma’s birthday party, the card they made for me- waiting on the flash card til tomorrow.  Below is the breakfast of a special raisin loaf (avert your eyes, Greg) that Marlene (Erika’s mom) brought up from Roanoke.  You might remember we were supposed to go to VA for the fourth celebration but they lost power in the violent storm almost a week ago and still don’t’ have it back.

And a crazy couple of shots from a sweltering parade July 4th AM.  They are in the camera on the flash card and not uploaded tonight.  But I wanted to return to this scene on Tuesday to photograph the sign on the water tower I had photographed on Monday..

No longer just d-e-l-a-w .  You might have seen the partially painted message on Tuesday’s post d-e-l-a-w-

I offered to return the library items and took Murphy for a ride, cranked up the AC and left the rear window open a crack for that rush of air he likes to feel on his nose.

Pulled over right after the railroad track and got out and took three shots.  How those men were able to paint in this extreme heat I can’t imagine.

I didn’t know this area was considered a playground but it is complete and here is the photo of it.

And isn’t this handy?  A drive through library return?  I ‘ve never seen one where you drive through. In the city they have large metal depositories outside the library but nothing this convenient.  A smart design.

8 thoughts on “Water Tower Message Completed

  1. I had no idea this was where the sign was headed. Thanks for the update. I would like to see their playgrounds. Looking forward to seeing birthday pictures.


  2. Working in that heat, that high? NEVER! I don’t care what they’d pay me, it wouldn’t be enough.
    You birthday party sounds wonderful, Ruth, and so well deserved. YAY!

  3. Wasn’t able to get into this box to write this AM!
    Love these 3 photos and am wishing I had bread like that to look forward to tomorrow morning!!!!!!!!!

  4. The bread looks amazing!

    Our fantastic library has those drive-by returns; *super* convenient. I love our library! [http://smilekiddo.wordpress.com/2011/06/10/library-art/] 🙂

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