Born on the Fourth of July, 1952, Brooklyn New York

But I really grew up in New Jersey.  New York always sounded better to me and I have held onto that fact all these years. Joisey, the Garden State, just didn’t seem as cool.

Yes, it is my sixtieth birthday today.  YIKES!  We were supposed to drive to Roanoke VA but power outages from the bad storm last Friday knocked that plan out!   You’ve seen a lot of my life these past three years on the blog.  The art room adventures, some knitting, my pleasure in the eating and making of food, my family, the city, my travels, and as Arlene says, the ordinary- making it interesting!

I have been talking about turning sixty since I turned fifty-nine last year.  Go figure.

My friend Mary Ann told me someone asked her if she was afraid to turn sixty and she told me  her response was, “I’m afraid to NOT turn sixty”  Many are denied the chance.

If you are born on the Fourth of July you receive a lot of red, white and blue presents. One has to post a little red white and blue on the Fourth of July so here are the two free marzipan macarons you receive when you buy the dozen at Jean-Marc in Millvale*

And here is my mom holding me. My cousin Paul sent me this photo last year at Christmas and it is the only baby photo I really have of myself.  Looks like I was bottle fed.  How about that wallpaper?

And then there is this prize winner of my wonderful haircut and chubby cheeks, I think I was  three,  This picture is stuck in one of those “magnetic” photo albums- meaning nasty glue that ruins your photo and you can’t remove it- EVER.

And here is what I looked like last week in the heat at the Pirates Game in Pittsburgh with  my three year old granddaughter Maura. A nice woman filling the ketchup dispenser came over and asked it I wanted her to take it of us.  She enjoyed seeing Maura enjoy her cone and I had photographed her eating it (of course).  I don’t get in many photos which is just as well at this point. But when I think about what makes me happy in my life, my family is at the top of the list. I am fortunate indeed.

Here is a picture a first grader drew of me last year which I photographed on my phone. I am so glad I documented this artwork cause on the rough days and the long days of teaching art in the city, I can read her inscription at the bottom.

 Ms. Hendricks is my hero.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

And I found this next photo in New York City when I visited my sister a couple months ago. Once I was visiting a family friend, Naomi,  in a home and she said told me how she would think of all she was grateful for in her life and when she focused on a theme of gratitude she just couldn’t  feel bad about anything. I remember her words and she died shortly after the visit.  It is easy to forget to be grateful.  Once I read about  thinking three things you are grateful for each day, right before you go to sleep and I try to remember.

I am grateful to my family, friends, fellow bloggers and followers and wonderful commenters who have encouraged me in my photography, blogging and writing.

Today is a very happy birthday!   I am surrounded by my family who love me.

Thanks everyone. (And Happy Birthday Suzanne who shares the date!)

*Here is a shot of Millvale,PA  taken the day I bought the macarons!

29 thoughts on “Born on the Fourth of July, 1952, Brooklyn New York

  1. Happy birthday, Ruth, and what a great post to commemorate it! How you resemble your Mother! And that pic of your and Maura is priceless, her caught in mid-lick. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a fantastic 4th of July holiday!

  2. Happy 60th Birthday. And like you say, it’s a day of celebration because so many don’t get that chance. You look great for 60 and your granddaughter is gorgeous. I love the drawing of you – you look like you have a very trendy outfit on! And happy 4th of July and I love the red, white and blue macarons – very patriotic and gorgeous xx

  3. A very happy birthday Ruth! And wow what a haircut, mind you I had a few of those freaky fringes too. A lovely celebratory post Ruth, so much to be grateful for. Hope you have a super day whatever you do
    Oh and one last word – you have a pirates centre !!!

  4. Happy birthday, Ruth! That’s a terrific series of photos. I think Maura looks really cute with her Pirates hat and Pirates shirt. And as someone else pointed out, getting a photo of her in the middle of licking the ice cream cone is outstanding. That is an excellent photo! Happy 60th and Happy 4th!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR RUTH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Wishing you many, many more. Have fun with family today. The first fireworks that go off tonight is for you.


  6. Happy Birthday Dear Friend. Mary and I talked about you yesterday knowing your birthday was today. Fond memories of our times together. Welcome to the “over 60 crowd”. Have a Great Day.

  7. Happy Birthday to you my dear friend! Welcome to the 60s club! You will, of course, set a wonderful example of how to be in your 60s. Hope you have a wonderful day!! Loved all the photos.

  8. I think this is one of my all time favorite posts. I love the color and the variety. Once again, have a wonderful day and as they say in the Jewish religion, may you live to be 120!

  9. Thank you for sharing the blessings of your birthday, your family, your teaching, and your life with us. Happy Birthday Ruth! 60 is a fabulous age! Keep enjoying life!

  10. Please add my Happy Birthday and Happy 4th to the list!! Many happy returns of the day!!! Enjoy!!!

  11. You know something? You haven’t changed a bit since I first met you at Fort Knox when we were neighbors!! I absolutely love old pictures and all the ones you posted are just wonderful! I wish you a very happy Happy Birthday and have many many more!

  12. Tho I don’t often comment, I so enjoy your work. And now a very special birthday – attention must be paid. Mother, poet, photographer, artist, friend – versatile woman par excellence. Thank you for sharing your life and times with all of us out here in cyberspace. Recording all the treasured moments. I remember 60, a long time ago…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUTH E, Keep on keeping on! with love, Lois

  13. Love the photos – precious memories. Happy happy birthday from Peter and Janice – hope to see you soon!

  14. Wonderful, Ruth – all the photos, info and YOU! HAPPYHAPPYBIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  15. A special day!! See what can happen in 60 years! You have done well, my friend, and accomplished much to be proud of. Think what you can do in the next 60. Happy Birthday and here’s to 60 more. Love, Linda

  16. I love this post, Ruth. Congratulations on your special birthday and my warmest wishes for many, many more to share with everyone who loves you.

  17. What a beautiful post……..may you have a wonderful Birthday today and many many many more to follow!!!! xoxo

  18. Any day above ground is a good day Ruth, a good day… I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and know you will have many more : )

  19. A big happy birthday to you! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you better over this past year; I’m delighted to read that you had a lovely birthday!

  20. I’m so glad that I caught up to you and so sorry I missed the actual date, Ruth! I hope this was the best birthday ever… how could it not be with the attitude you have and your beautiful loved ones surrounding you! You are right, we have so much to be thankful for 😀 xoxo

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