Phantom’s Revenge Riders Fly Towards the Full Moon

August first,  just after sunset.  West Mifflin, PA.  Kennywood Amusement Park.  Just driving by.  Got out of the van and waited for the cars filled with riders to come into the frame.


19 thoughts on “Phantom’s Revenge Riders Fly Towards the Full Moon

  1. Full moon here last night, too. I think the Harvest Moon is in October and I love that one! I remember going on hay rides our church group had every October during the Harvest Moon. Ruth, take another one of that moon in the same position! I love ALL of your photos because they show so much of YOU and the Ruth I remember from Ft. Knox in 1975.

  2. Great pic, Ruth. This looks like it’s taken from an angle with which I am very familiar. I’m not much of a roller coaster person so you can find me seated nearby, waiting for other members of my party to disembark.

  3. I grew up at in Pittsburgh @ Kennywood Park- My parents were/are best friends with the owners. Occasionally they would take their daughters and me to the park when it was closed and we would ride the wooden roller coaster over and over until one day- my tiny little glasses ( I was 7) flew off and I never rode it again! Still a great memory!

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