Like A Kodak Carousel

Last week before the photo opening, fellow photographer Andy told me he enjoys following the blog.  He said my blog makes him think of a slideshow on the Kodak Carousel Projector and every day’s new photo is a different slide.  Ektachrome slide film had such brilliant color.

Kodak Carousel evokes nostalgia most certainly.  At least for my generation.  Art History class in college and the professor would arrive with trays of slides.

The auditorium lights would dim. The projector made a distinctive sound.


A couple of days ago when the kids were home, they found an old carousel tray in the attic.  The slides out of the slots but I plan to go through them and see what treasures they unearthed.


I know there are more trays of slides upstairs.  And a projector in the back of some closet.  A tiny screen folded up that made a memorable sound when raised like a shade.

Thanks Andy.  I am sure there are many people who have trays of slides



11 thoughts on “Like A Kodak Carousel

  1. I still have a Kodak Ektagraphic Slide Projector. I was thinking about it last spring while I was teaching my class at RIT.

  2. 2 years ago I took all the slides out of their carousels and placed them in a box…a large box because there are so many. I planned to scan them onto the computer but “life is getting in the way” and I am afraid those memories may be lost forever. Your blog has inspired me and I will try harder to preserve those memories. Thanks for the nudge.

  3. I wish I had my slides from my first trip to Israel in 1970. I often think how fun it would be to show them to my kids. Can’t seem to find them.

  4. Excellent stuff as usual Ruth. I always wanted a Kodak Carousel but could never afford one, they were always so expensive here in the UK, well they were for me anyway. But I still have a projector (can’r remember the make) up in the attic, somewhere along with, goodness know how many slides. And like Rob it is my intention to scan them in……but when?

  5. Ahhhh slides. Still miss the delicious anticipation of opening the envelope from the processor and gazing at the beautiful jewel tones of those transparencies. Thanks for the memory.

  6. I never owned a tray of slides, but I did have a class in college that used them many times. (The history of France from Clovis to the Revolution – taught entirely in French.) Good memories.

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