“It’s Annoying Now, But Later You’re Glad”

Laura’s 29th birthday.  She says it is her FIRST 29th birthday.  The family gathers on the front porch because most of them are nearby.

This year I didn’t run around and get in the photograph. Just wanted them.  I’ll put it on the fridge.  Look at it until we’re all together again. In the middle of winter I’ll glance at this August evening, celebrating Laura’s birthday and be glad I have the picture.

Not too many people really want their photo taken. Maybe a few.  The family allows me to photograph them one more time.

They’re gracious and they love me and they know it’s what I like to do.

They probably wonder when I’ll get tired of wanting to photograph them but they don’t complain. Much.  Photographing them while they ignore me is easier.

Of course, I want the shot where everyone is with me and looking pleasant on this occasion.  Ha. Erika says to me, “Good luck with that!”

I get it the best I can.

Don’t want to drag it out too long, make it quick, Just SHOOT!

Thanks family.  Matthew is the one who said to his friends at his college graduation ” This is what my mom does.  It’s annoying now, but later you’re glad.”

Penny the Golden Doodle with Lala and James on their front porch.

And Maura and Murphy pose for Mark. Caught them from the side as he got them to look at his phone.

26 thoughts on ““It’s Annoying Now, But Later You’re Glad”

  1. just gorgeous rutheh! i am about to do that too, (annoy them with pics this weekend) never seem to get one of us all together even at weddings … and now two are overseas it is more difficult!

  2. Wonderful pictures. My family won’t let me photograph them unless I sneak and do it. I’ve taken so many photos of them over the years, they say they are burned out. Hopefully they will come around again. Your family is beautiful!


  3. Those are great pictures. You definitely create great memories. The pictures you took off our kids years ago are still the ones we have hanging in our living room.

  4. Few people enjoy the experience in the moment – but yes, later, people smile remembering the moments that were captured on film. You are doing your family SUCH a service; I’m glad at least a few of them recognize that. 🙂

  5. Such a great set of photos, Ruth, but you really need to get yourself into some of these. If the sock monkey can work it out so that its in the picture, you can, too. 🙂

  6. I also have a Goldendoodle (Jack) and a family who finds it slightly annoying to have their picture taken – but I know they will appreciate the photos later – when they are showing them to their own kids and grandkids! You have a beautiful family!

  7. What a beautiful and healthy family you have.. and what a great job raising them! They have wonderful manners as well!! I love all three.. you’re an awesome “people” photographer and I wish I knew how to do a better job of those!

  8. A great quote from Matthew! Keep annoying them with your fabulous photos. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family.

  9. You are SO very blessed to have all your family (except your mom and dad) still around. The only family I have left is 4 cousins, 2 uncles, my brother and my son. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is now to look at the old photo albums and remember everybody from years gone by. So many laughs, so many smiles and so much fun. Ruth, I love all these pictures of your family. Keep them coming!

  10. Love all the shots but you seem to get the most wonderful animal expressions…Murphy and the kids should be in movies.

  11. Thanks so much for recording Laura’s birthday event. We wanted so much to be there (and were all prepared to leave) when Chuck suddenly came down with **#!!*^^*#!! When it was over he felt much better. It lasted about 3 hours. We narrowed it down to something he ate that afternoon. We’ll be there next time! Beautiful family!!

  12. Love your comments…which are sooo true for my gang! Glad everyone is close…mine are spread out and too busy, it seems. Enjoy your front porch photo!

  13. Gorgeous family.. i feel the same way.. I love candid shots and the last 2 times I’ve been home I’ve gone and had the pictures done professionally. I love them.. got some great shots of family I hadn’t seen forever as well. Never a regret with them.

  14. Hi Ruth,

    These are terrific shots! We used to laugh about Cousin Margie, who ran around photographing all the family events, but now that most of those people are gone, we are sure glad to have them. I had a realization the other day, that I am this generation’s Cousin Margie.

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