Skip if Squeamish- Live Crickets Containers at the Food Market in FL

Florida.  A couple of years ago.  I was shooting a friend’s daughter’s wedding. We stopped at the market to shop for supper.  Not for live crickets.  I just happened to see them there at the market.

 Remove bottom lid to fill?

This display was something I’d not seen before. Seemed an interesting offering in a food market. I have driven by signs for Live Bait over the years but never really thought about it as I’ve never gone fishing.  I didn’t pick a canister up to see if it was filled or empty.  There are no holes for air?  Maybe these are empty, waiting for you to fill them?  Maybe some of my friends and followers who fish or keep spiders will know.

I looked up Live Crickets and discovered there is a whole industry. Also read a lot about crickets being kept as pets.   People need them to feed their pet spiders and reptiles.  Never really thought about that either.

Maybe best not thought about.  The food chain.  These are for fishing?

Just a bit different photo to start off the week.  Once in second grade, a long time ago, we studied a unit on Grasshoppers and then the teacher opened a tuna size can of them and we all tried to eat a piece of grasshopper.  No kidding.  What I remember is that it was like the hull of a popcorn kernel and it was oily.  I can’t remember any taste to describe.  It did not taste like chicken.

7 thoughts on “Skip if Squeamish- Live Crickets Containers at the Food Market in FL

  1. One of my first jobs was at a pet store and we sold crickets and meal worms as food for reptiles and small snakes. I worked there for a few years. Of course, had they ever stocked a tarantula, I would have run out of there screaming.

  2. My friend ate live green ants in Australia, she said they tasted like chocolate. Of course you had to crunch down on them before they bit you.
    A guy who worked for me owned a tarantula, he would feed it a live mouse once a week. The spider would suck the innards out of the mouse (paralyze it first and them suck while it was still alive). Leaving the pour creature as a Skelton with the skin dried against it.
    Best not to think about it.

  3. I could never own a spider or snake, as I could never bring myself to feed it a live cricket or [gulp] mouse. I’m a wus.

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