10th Euro Car Oktoberfest Held at Volkswagen of America Westmoreland Site

It was a gorgeous October day. On the warm side.  Guys in T shirts and shorts. Saw a few VW tattoos. I took the scenic route from Columbus as I made my way back home to Pittsburgh.

I drove to VW Westmoreland (which used to assemble VW Rabbits but closed in 1988) to a Euro Car show sponsored by Sendell Motors and organized by Jason Santo Columbo and Josh Volk. (if you click their names it will send you to the events FB page)

 It was George with the 1973 VW Thing from the Garfield Art Car Show last week who told me about the Oktoberfest today. Parked next to George was Lenny’s 1964 356 Outlaw Porsche. Lenny told me he spent 13 years restoring it. I should write out THIRTEEN so it sinks in.  A labor of love.  He’s a certified race flag waver who works at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, keeping the drivers safe by signaling with a flag, letting them know what is going on.  Lenny has an article in the ARPCA (Allegheny Region Porsche Club of America) but I couldn’t find the specific link to it, sorry.

Some of you may remember the post of  Volkswagen Family photograph shot in North Carolina.

Thanks for the tip on the show today, George!                  So, what do you think, Uncle Frank?

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6 thoughts on “10th Euro Car Oktoberfest Held at Volkswagen of America Westmoreland Site

  1. I love car shows. You captures some wonderful photos of the cars and other activities. I liked all the lined up beetles.


  2. Great to see you again Ruth. Will let you know when car / art related events come up.
    Sorry I didn’t get Best in Show! Would have been cool for the blog!!! George

  3. That’s quite the eclectic crew! (Both of the people and the auto varieties.) The pumpkins and the teddy bear driver were my two faves. 🙂

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