Reverse Root Beer Float at Jeni’s

Columbus Ohio
We got ice cream cones after supper at Jeni’s. Their salty caramel flavor is really good. There was a sign for a reverse root beer float.
Of course, I had to ask…. Cream soda and root beer ice cream. I had a scoop of root beer ice cream along with the salty caramel.  Next time I will try the float!
Jeni’s is delicious





9 thoughts on “Reverse Root Beer Float at Jeni’s

  1. The ice-creams look really delicious 🙂 I don’t think we have Dry Vanilla Bean Soda in Australia. I haven’t heard of it before.

  2. I would also be very curious about a “reverse” float – I’m glad you asked! (And then let us all know.) 🙂

    Salty caramel = yum. Salty caramel + dark chocolate = delicious! 😉

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