Stink Bug at the Gas Station Trying to Hitch a Ride

I was filling up the tank and a stink bug started crawling up the car window.  Caught his climb with the iPhone and the reflection of the parked car and building make for an interesting perspective. At least to me.  He is definitely a bit soft on the focus but I still liked the composition. Plus he looks about the size of the other car! BIG!

6 thoughts on “Stink Bug at the Gas Station Trying to Hitch a Ride

  1. Oh good god, what the heck is a stink bug? Do they really stink? And how big is that sucker, really?

  2. Stink bugs have been infesting our area for several years now drawn by the many apple orchards. We also must have the perfect sun location for them because at this time of year we literally vacuum up thousands of them! They emit a smell when frightened, don’t bite, are the ugliest thing on earth, and there is NO way to kill them! We put at #1 on the unwanted guest list in our neighborhood.

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