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What’s Eating You? 

The lacy leaves in the three photos (above) were not to be eaten….by humans, that is. 

And Laura took this last shot (below) on my phone as she was putting James’ lunch salad together. 

A cicada, expired. 

Don’t think he was the leaf eater though. 

Ohio Katydid and the Kids Via My Son Mark

A fun series to receive on the phone from my son Mark.

Looks like a depth of field exercise, too.

This is a “leaf bug” or katydid.  A relative of the grasshopper and also called a bush-cricket in some parts of the world.   Looks like such an interesting creature and is the perfection of camouflage.

Thanks Mark for sharing your Katydid and Kids study.  love you. Mom







Can you see him/her?


Can you see him/her? Probably snacking on the foliage.



Stink Bug at the Gas Station Trying to Hitch a Ride

I was filling up the tank and a stink bug started crawling up the car window.  Caught his climb with the iPhone and the reflection of the parked car and building make for an interesting perspective. At least to me.  He is definitely a bit soft on the focus but I still liked the composition. Plus he looks about the size of the other car! BIG!