Piano Recital Played from an iPad

Shot with my iPhone after the piano recital, no camera with me tonight-

The music filled the beautiful church, St. Andrew’s in Highland Park.  Pianist Linda Morgan-Ellison played Haydyn, Liszt, Schubert and Debussy Saturday evening. I can’t imagine the number of hours and weeks she had to practice the complicated pieces. She played expertly.

The concert was dedicated  to the  memory of her friend, Bernadette G. Callery who passed away a few months ago.

At the reception in the Parish Hall was a photo of her friend, propped up under a gorgeous bouquet of dark red roses.   I was told the name of the color of roses was Black Magic. Lots of candles flickered in the window sills as some form of bubbly spirits was poured into stem glasses.  There was cake, cheese and fruit to share after the recital.

We were talking afterwards and my friend V recognized the first musical piece by Haydyn as the opening and closing credits for the 6 Part BBC Mini-Series Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth.

After the concert, several members of the audience gathered around the piano to try to figure out how she was playing from the iPad.

Ahhh, there was a foot pedal to scroll to the next page of score.  Her husband told me it was an app you could buy for $4.99, called forScore app.  Amazing!

We met another pianist, Henry Spinelli,  who will play a recital at St. Andrews on March 16th at 3 PM.

Friends of Music and the Arts at St. Andrews sponsors many free musical events throughout the year.

9 thoughts on “Piano Recital Played from an iPad

  1. Mrs. Ellison taught all three of my children. She is an excellent teacher and each learned lessons beyond the piano. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. and it follows as the night the day…who would have imagined what now seems so logical. Scores on electronics – no more page turning, carrying piles of sheet/book music. Ingenious. What next! Thanks for this – Love, Lois

  3. I’ve an entertainer friend and he got his iPad just for this reason. He’s uploading all of his music and will have whatever score he needs at the touch of a finger. This is the upside to our technological age. You may recall that last week I was visited by the dark side. 🙂

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