Laura has a Mumkin on her Front Porch

When I visited last week in Columbus, Laura had a Mumkin on her front porch. (James,too)

A pumpkin decoration with the top off and filled with a chrysanthemum plant. Do they have mumkins where you live?  It was new to me. I guess you could turn it around after Halloween for Thanksgiving time so the Jack-o-Lantern face is in the back. I thought it was cheerful.  

When I googled the word Mumkin,  I came up with a totally different definition from the Urban Dictionary.  

Anyway it was cute and the mums were all still buds. Maybe it has since bloomed. I will have to ask.  What will they think of next?


8 thoughts on “Laura has a Mumkin on her Front Porch

  1. Mumkin. That’s a new one on me. I just bought my first pumpkins for baking and now I have to consider buying them for use as planters. i just can’t catch up.

  2. I actually saw one of these two weeks ago at the grocery store; and I immediately thought of you, and imagined that you would think it was a funny pic. Now look here – you’ve gone and found your own! 🙂

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