10 thoughts on “What I Saw When I Got to School

  1. I don’t even want to know the time, Ruth. Even after we turn the clocks back, this will seem light at this hour in a few weeks. WInter just cannot wait to get here, I’m afraid.


  2. Nice photo! My grandchildren go to school in the dark and with after school programs, they come home in the dark. With so much violence now I worry. When I was young, we never attended school in the dark. Thanks for sharing.



  3. I love the way the white lights in the back cascade bringing the eye forward to the buses. The colors with the sky and red lights are really lovely.


  4. It is that time of year when daytime is precious and limited… Cool lighting; I love the feel of this time of day/night/twilight/whatever people want to call it. 🙂


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