Fall Colors Along the National Road- Route 40

When  I was a kid we piled in the car in NJ and drove to Illinois every summer.  This is the route we took.

I drove it home to Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago on my way back from Columbus.

Route 40 The National Road.  I pulled over to catch the autumn hues in the background hills along the way.

There were interesting and quirky scenes but this is the one that stayed with me for the time since I drove along this highway instead of the interstate.

14 thoughts on “Fall Colors Along the National Road- Route 40

  1. What is this? A dump sight alongside the road. Very good contrast against the beauty of the fall foliage.


  2. Detroit once had a large scrap heap made of old cars. One of the freeways passed over it and we kids all wished we could be let loose to explore it. It’s long gone now and its backdrop was never as pretty as the hill here in Fall colors. Nice photo, Ruth.

  3. Yikes; that is quite the pile. People usually think of cars as ‘indestructible’ metal machines; it’s interesting to see them crumpled up like old pieces of paper…

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