E.T. Phone Home


I just got off the phone with my sister in NYC.  Good thing she has a landline.  And not one that sits in an electric powered charger cradle.  Just a plain old phone.   She is still without power. We were talking about phones.  The cancelled Halloween Parade in NYC.  Our Pittsburgh Halloween postponed until Saturday due to the weather, residual hurricane effects.

I started thinking about the ET costume I made for Mark years ago. (There is a McCall’s pattern 8311 on Ebay for 29.99, I just checked) Here he is in Germany(1983) with Matthew as Robin Hood.  Yes, I made that too.  Mark wore that when he was four in Clarion, PA  Thinking about Halloweens past.

And then years later Laura wore the ET Costume. It had a Day-Glo finger that matched the heart appliqué on the chest. The date on this photo says 1996.




And here is the costume head in the dining room tonight. I painted the eyes.  The head is lined with a piece of blanket.  It looks like it did when I made it! When I put on the mask this past weekend, Penny the Goldendoodle (Laura and James’ dog) growled and turned and left the room. My daughter-in-law made the ceramic jack-o-lantern in grade school and I saved it from the trash when she pitched it.

16 thoughts on “E.T. Phone Home

  1. Your talents are endless! Way cool costumes!!! Or should I say wicked cool? Happy Halloween!!

  2. Glad to know you recently spoke with Mary. She has been in our thoughts for several days now.

  3. Ruth, that is really wonderful! I too made costumes for the kids and each one was an adventure, but that is the best. Linda K.

  4. No more excuses, Ruth — except for those dealing with a lack of time. Anyone who can make such great costumes certainly can make some pasta. (Ha!)
    Love that this costume has become a part of so many of your family’s halloween memories. Just showing its picture is sure to bring about a collective sigh. 🙂

    • John, I know I can make some pasta but that delcious stuffed, butterflied, brined pork roast with homemade balsamic fig preserves/jam wrapped in pancetta? My one friend wrote to me after I forwarded your Wednesday recipe- “Wow, he is really a cook.”

      You are right about no more excuses. People do seem to make time to do what they truly want to do. I think I could make cool costumes and meals but didn’t check much homework or dust!

  5. When I look back I am always amazed at how much I could get done when working and having small children at the same time….. great memories. I still have an ET pillowcase and bedsheets… great movie. Very nice work on the costume!

  6. I’m glad to hear your sister is ok.. she must be one of the few who own a landline now. Even mine has a charger and I’m thinking of getting rid of it too. I love your costumes.. especially the photo of a little Robin Hood. xx

  7. My mom made me that exact costume when I was a kid! It was (and remains) my absolute favoritest costume EVER. Wow. Awesome.

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