Looks Like South America to Me

I won’t be selling this pancake on ebay.  It is not a religious experience but there are a ton of items out there claiming to see a lot of different images in food.  This one just looked like South America To me.  Pancakes in Columbus OH. The kids ate it.

Pareidolia = phenomenon when a random stimulus is perceived as significant”

8 thoughts on “Looks Like South America to Me

  1. know what my first thought was on that shape? weird, I know, but it looked like a baby’s footprint when he first tries to walk. 🙂 kinda splayed in the toes and a little wobbly – and they look delicious too! uhm…the pancakes…not the baby feet.

  2. Sell it on e-bay. Someone would pay a fortune for that. You didn’t happen to eat it did you? There goes your retirement.

  3. A delicious and educational start to the kids’ day! 🙂 And I got to learn a new word, so a smart start for me, too. (Double bonus.)

  4. It’s surely a sign – not the shroud of Turin, but carrying its own message. I love a mystery! Lois

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