32 Years Later


Happy Birthday Matthew. Remember when we pulled off Interstate 80 on the way to NYC last August?

Here you are last summer in front of your first home in Clarion PA. The house we brought you to from the hospital, 32 years ago.

Of course I didn’t send a card, just like last year!  So this is my birthday wish for you.  A day filled with love!

You sure give all of us a lot of love.  (Matthew’s the one who says about my photographing people, It’s annoying now, but later you’re glad)

Thinking of you today and everyday.

love. Ma






16 thoughts on “32 Years Later

  1. I love the way you celebrate your family – there is such affection and validation in each photo – it has been a treat to follow your clan all over the years. Keep ’em coming! Lois


  2. Well, happy birthday to Matthew and many more. And how very modest of you, Ruth. If Matthew is 32 years of age, you surely were the youngest girl to have a child in Pennsylvania, if not all of these United States. I mean, I proposed to a girl when we were 5 but our engagement ended when we graduated to 1st grade, You on the other hand … 🙂


  3. What a wonderful looking family, and what a smart man. Still a young pup, but seems to have some good years of wisdom under his belt. 🙂


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