Forgot to Post the Pilgrim Trolls, So Ugly They’re Cute?

Trolls have a really bad name these days. The internet troll is the first to come up with a google search.  UGH. The word conjures visions of creeps on the internet doing extremely negative things.

But there was a time when the word trolls meant little plastic doll with crazy hair sticking up and beady eyes-

and before that they were written about in Norse Mythology and Scandinavian Folklore.

The trolls of the rubbery type, a protruding belly with navel, glassy eyes and colorful hair were around when I was in grade school in the late 60’s.

Did a search for the origin of the  troll dolls and they were created in 1959 by a Danish man, Thomas Dam.  They are also called Dam dolls.

Chicago John noticed the Christmas troll, dressed as a caroler, on my Sunday breakfast table.  The wikipedia post says that some people collect THOUSANDS of them.  No kidding. I have a few of the Christmas ones that have been around for years and I brought them out for the grandkids who had fun with them last summer.

When I was with the family in Virginia over the Thanksgiving Holiday, my son’s in-laws had this pair of Pilgrim Trolls on the mantle. They made me laugh when I saw them.

I did turn these two so they were looking at the camera cause initially they just had eyes for one another. (scroll down)

Sounds like they are having a bit of a comeback these days with a new generation.  Any troll collectors out there?

Pilgrim Trolls (1)



Pilgrim Trolls facing

8 thoughts on “Forgot to Post the Pilgrim Trolls, So Ugly They’re Cute?

  1. I remember when troll dolls were first sold. i may be old but the Pilgrim were not my contemporaries. 🙂 Who would have thought they’d still be around today? Lego, yes, but trolls?

  2. I too remember the introduction of trolls in 1959. My parents thought they were evil so….no trolls in our house. I agree…so ugly they’re cute. Hard to believe they made a comeback.

  3. They look like Smurfs, just not blue. Lots of people in Iceland still believe in trolls and Icelandic mystery writers often write about them. They’re an important part of the culture.

  4. Trolls are definitely “so ugly they’re cute”. Whenever I think of a troll doll, I first think of the hair, then I think of BINGO ladies.

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