Home of the 5 lb. Hamburger!

Yes, that’s 80 ounces of meat.  But not a photograph to prove it exists.  Just this sign on the overhang. A site describes this place as a Sports Bar, a local hangout, a joint!

Maybe the five pound hamburger weighs a bit less after grilling?  The way the punctuation goes I’m not sure if there is a five pound hot dog or a five pound pirogue, too

I was at a red light on Friday at the intersection in some traffic.  Good timing.  When you have a 50mm fixed lens on your camera and you’re in the driver’s seat, stopped, there’s no maneuver room, no way to get more of the establishment in the frame. This is the shot. There was no place to park or get out.  I was on my way to see the family. Friday afternoon traffic, bumper to bumper.

But it was the sign that caught my eye.  Nobles on Nobles Lane down the street from school.  It wasn’t open when I was stopped in front.  I know it would’ve been cool to actually go in and order one, document the gargantuan meat.

Home of the 5 lb Hamburger2

9 thoughts on “Home of the 5 lb. Hamburger!

  1. they can’t be serious! do they have a “heart attack wall” for those who’ve actually eaten a 5 lb hamburger? Maybe it’s meant to be shared by the whole table of 6-8 people.

    • A pierogie is a filled dough 1/2 moon shape. Filled with a combo of mashed potato and cheese, or sauerkraut, or even prune. Not all in the same pirogue. Potato and Cheese are the most popular. They’re sold in the city from Slavic and Byzantine churches during Lent for Friday meals. They are Polish in origin. People usually sautee them after boiling in butter and onions. I have made them once. You can buy them from the churches or from a place in the West End called PierogiesPlus.com

    • I have made the ones from the market in butter and onions many times , but what I meant is I made the dough and filled them for scratch just one time.

  2. Most people don’t appreciate the clarity that good punctuation (and grammar in general) can provide. Perhaps their sign means that the burger + hot dog + pierogi all = 5 lbs on the plate together? Any way you slice it, it’s still a LOT of food!

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