Black Dog, White Kitchen Cupboard, Remote Cable and Presto-

Meet Charlotte- 1/2 Husky, 1/2 Shepherd.  The runt of the litter  four years ago at James’ sister Kim’s farm Red Rooster Acres. She was visiting her cousin Penny.

It was Sunday night visiting Laura and James before the Tony Monaco Show at the Rumba Cafe. I tried to photograph her in the living room, sans flash of course, and it was too dark.  So I asked if I could photograph her in the kitchen.  I had read that photographing a dog with black fur can be a challenge.

Using the white of the kitchen was the key and my new cable release.  And the cooperation and attention of Charlotte. I swear she smiled.  Thanks Shawn (James’ cousin) for allowing me to post her portrait today. When you look at her you can see she is not looking at me, but Shawn!

(My mother’s mother’s name,too)


6 thoughts on “Black Dog, White Kitchen Cupboard, Remote Cable and Presto-

  1. Our puppies are black, and yes, getting a good photo of them is definitely a challenge. Your shot looks like an action one – I love how the dribble of saliva is super-clear. Looks like your remote cable is treating you well.

  2. It is true about trying to photograph black dogs. In fact, it is often cited as one of the reasons that black dogs are last to be adopted. In this video age, people aren’t attracted to their photos. With this one photo, Ruth, you’ve managed to prove that a good shot can be taken.

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